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Energy Saving Tips To Cut Your Fuel Bills This Winter

Here are nine ideas that will save you money this winter.

  1. Turning your room thermostat down one degree centigrade will save around 10% on your fuel bill.
  2. If your existing heating system is old then you’ll save money by upgrading your central heating controls and fitting a programmer, thermostatic radiator valves, room stat, cylinder stat and motorized valves.
  3. Turn down any thermostatic radiator valves in unused rooms.
  4. Servicing the boiler annually will keep it working at its maximum efficiency.
  5. Draft proofing badly fitting doors and windows is a very cost effective way of reducing your fuel bills and will make a big difference to how warm the house feels.
  6. Insulate the loft space to at least 270mm deep.
  7. If your hot water cylinder is unlagged then fit an insulated jacket around it.You’ll still have a warm airing cupboard but will save significantly on your fuel bills, and the water in the cylinder will stay hot longer.
  8. Lag all pipework within one metre of where it connects to the hot water cylinder.
  9. If your current boiler is old then consider replacing it for a new condensing one. By replacing the boiler, and upgrading the central heating controls, you could save up to 30% on your fuel bills.
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