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Private Water Supplies

Many rural properties in Mid Wales are on a private water supply, either from a well or borehole, and this can lead to a number of water quality issues which are often picked up during routine water tests undertaken by the local authority.

Acidic Water

Because of the local geology, most of those properties supplied by a well will experience some degree of corrosion in the plumbing system caused by acidic water (PH less than 7). Typically this will result in a blue green deposit showing up on sanitary ware, especially below a dripping tap, and some people can notice a green tint in their hair after washing it! One of the most vulnerable parts of the system to corrosion is the hot water cylinder, as it’s often made of copper that’s thinner than the rest of the pipework, and this can result in damaging leaks and expensive repairs. Burst pipes anywhere on the system can also cause extensive damage, especially if they occur when nobodies around.

The best, and most cost effective way to solve this problem is to install a PH correction unit on the incoming water supply pipe. Basically, this is a cylinder around 900mm high by 300mm in diameter that’s usually filled with crushed natural limestone. As the incoming water flows through the unit the acidic water is neutralised by a chemical reaction that occurs with the limestone; this prevents any further damage to the copper cylinder and any copper pipework present in your hot and cold water system.

Bacterial Contamination

Many private wells are supplied by shallow springs and often have poorly sealed covers and linings that allow surface water to enter during periods of heavy rain. This, conbined with modern farming practices, means that most wells are contaminated with bacteria to a greater or lesser extent. E. coli, which comes from animal faeces, is commonly found in shallow wells and can cause stomach upsets as well as more serious symptoms, especially in people with underlying health conditions.

In most cases the simplest solution to this problem is to install a ultra violet sterilization unit in the property, either on the incoming water pipe to cover the cold taps in the whole house or, alternatively, fitted on the supply to just one dedicated drinking tap (usually at the kitchen sink).

Iron/Manganese/Hydrogen Sulphide Contamination

Water derived from boreholes can often contain excessive levels of metals, including iron and manganese, as well as hydrogen sulphide (which produces a bad egg smell). To remove these contaminants requires specialist filtration systems, which can only be designed after a detailed chemical analysis of the water has been undertaken. Without treatment contaminated water can result in health issues, corroded or blocked pipework and staining of clothing and sanitaryware in the property.


Whether you have an existing private water supply or a new installation we're able to specify and install the right equipment to resolve all these various problems. We're also happy to investigate and diagnose problems with existing borehole systems and, in addition, can offer you an ongoing annual maintenance service.

If you'd like to discuss any issues you're currently experiences with your private water supply then please either call us on 01686 411121 or use the 'contact us' box on this web page.

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