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                               Central Heating Controls

Installing the correct controls on a central heating system will not only reduce running costs but also allow you to regulate the temperature and comfort levels of each individual room in your property. The minimum controls required to comply with current Building Regulations include a programmer, thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostat and cylinder thermostat (unless you have a combi boiler).

If your property and boiler are suitable, then you can upgrade the controls to include a weather compensation unit, instead of the basic programmer. This unit can predict when to switch the boiler on to achieve the desired room temperature at a particular time in the day, based on the current inside and outside temperatures. Consequently, on a mild day the system will work out that it should switch on later than on a cold day, but it will still ensure the house is always at the required temperature at the appropriate time whilst minimising the amount of fuel required to achieve this. Compare this with an ordinary programmer, where the programmer will switch on at the same time each day whether it needs to or not, and you can see why this unit can save a significant amount on fuel costs over a year.

If you’re considering installing a weather compensation unit on a new installation then it’s best to mention it to the installer at the start of the design process as not all boilers are suitable for this type of system and the plumbing layout usually needs to be modified to suit.

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